4x Faster Specification

Fohlio’s powerful web clipper makes materials and FF&E specification faster and more accurate. Save text, images, documents, and more.

Slash hours of specification time, so you can focus on design

Save all the data you need, no matter what type. No more hours of copying and pasting to Excel, or downloading anything to your computer: Just click on an item to save.

Specify FF&E, structural products, exterior materials, and more

Our web clipper works with any website, whether retail, trade, or any of your favorite vendors. Fohlio can handle any type and any number of items, so you can handle any size project with ease.

Save associated documents and make them accessible to your whole firm

Every product you’ve ever used is saved to your library, including all spec information, images, and documents. Standardization is easier, and everything you need is in one searchable database.

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