Automate Cost Estimation

Manage building construction cost on Fohlio. Compare bulk pricing, trade pricing, discounts, markups, and more. See accurate cost estimates at a glance and plan your construction budget better.

See costs at a glance

Your organizer keeps a running tally of your total cost, while folders and subfolders show subtotals.

Quickly switch from one cost type to another, like trade prices, markups, client totals, and more.

Compare budgets, estimates, and actual costs in real time

Keep an eye on your budget and protect your bottomline. Quickly put together accurate estimates, submit bids faster, and win bigger projects.

Set Up Custom Formulas to Calculate Your Costs

Forget manually calculating your client costs, markups, and discounts. Set up your formulas once — and sit back as all your numbers are automatically calculated. (Don’t worry — you can manually override exceptions.)

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