Collaborate With Contractors, Interior Designers, and Clients

Fohlio is a professional interior design software, construction management software, and architecture software in one. We bring design-build professionals, vendors, and clients together on one platform for seamless collaboration.

Keep all stakeholders on the same page

Teammates. Clients. Builders. Contractors. Keep everyone updated on changes in real time — without having to send messages. With Fohlio collaboration, you cut down on errors and time spent sifting through emails looking for the latest version of your project.

Centralize your transactions and get faster turnaround from vendors

Send a request for quote straight from your dashboard, using existing product lists. Compare all prices on the same page, and choose the best value for your materials. Ready to buy? Generate a purchase order and invoice your client — both of which are integrated with Quickbooks

Control access to your data

With user roles and access, you can pick which teammate sees what, and if they’re able to make any changes to your project. Allow Contractors to see spec lists but not edit them. Allow Clients to edit the approval column, but nothing else — and more.

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