Respecify Products and Materials Without Duplicating Work

Reuse building and construction materials from previous projects — including all associated documents and data.

Just add products from your library

Every item you specify is saved to your firm’s library, along with all its data and documents. So you can use your tried-and-tested products over and over in new projects, with minimal effort.

Turn your Pinterest inspirations into full specifications

Fohlio’s Pinterest integration allows you to upload your pins. Their URLs are saved as well, so you can quickly open their originating website and save your missing information.

Make sure you’re specifying the exact item you need

Quick view allows you to view all the information associated with a product — so you’re always using the right item and not wasting time correcting mistakes.

More Features
  • 4x faster specification
  • Respecify materials without duplicating work
  • Collaborate with contractors, designers, and more
  • Generate presentations and job site packets
  • Procure materials efficiently
  • Manage and organize materials easily
  • Automate cost estimation
  • Centralized product library
  • Integrations
  • 24/7 customer support
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